Solving complex ecological, social and economic problems

Sustainability Research at Simon Fraser University

SFU is home to at least 340 sustainability researchers across all campuses and faculties who develop solutions that simultaneously support ecological health, social wellbeing and economic prosperity.  They address the interconnectedness of ecological, social and economic issues; contribute toward solving sustainability challenges like climate change, global poverty, inequality, natural resource depletion and environmental degradation; and engage community members through knowledge and action to achieve positive social, economic and environmental outcomes. 

Featured SFU sustainability researcher

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Mehrdad Moallem

Mehrdad Moallem, PhD, PEng is Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Simon Fraser University (SFU). Before joining SFU, he held research and faculty and research positions in Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Moallem has extensive experience in various fields related to automation and control including mechatronics, robotics, real-time systems, energy systems, and power electronics conversion. He has published extensively in the above fields with over 250 refereed conference and journal papers, five books, and four patents.  During his career, he has taught a wide range of courses including electronics, circuits, linear and nonlinear control, mechatronics design, and robotic control. Dr. Moallem owes much of his academic achievements to more than 50 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows whom he has supervised or co-supervised and many undergraduate students.

Dr. Moallem has been on the editorial boards of mainstream conferences and journals in control and mechatronics including the American Control Conference, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, IFAC Journal of Mechatronics, International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications (Springer), and MDPI Journal of Automation.

Living Lab Research projects

Examining the Carbon Impact of Streaming Media in University Teaching and Learning

To reduce the invisible environmental impact of information and communications technologies, Yani Kong measures university’s outputs and develops education and policy shifts for SFU.

LCA Analysis for SFU Fleet Electrification (PICS-Living Lab Scholar)

Kamaria Kuling investigates the benefits and challenges of replacing SFU’s operational vehicle fleet with low or zero emission vehicles.

Sustainability & Management of Bioplastis (Re-Use for Good project)

Despite a growing awareness, there's still misinformation about bioplastics. Nadia Springle researches sustainable single-use alternatives to petroleum-based plastics.

Sustainable Living Indoor Gardens Utilizing Energy-efficient and Renewable Energy Technology

Afagh Mohagheghi aims to utilize renewable energy and energy savings strategies to develop sustainable indoor gardens at SFU’s Surrey campus.

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