Meet SFU's 2017 Fair Trade Ambassadors

September 22, 2017

Op-Ed by SFU Fair Trade 


Fair Trade SFU would like to give a very warm welcome to our new on-campus Fair Trade Ambassadors of 2017-2018!  For the first time, Fair Trade SFU has the fantastic opportunity to have five wonderful Ambassadors, as passionate as they are, to represent and share our activities on and around all three of SFU's campuses. This team of vibrant, young individuals are very excited to kick off their first time as Ambassadors with our well known Fair Trade Campus week.  From the world's largest Fair Trade Bake sale to a walking banana to a generous Gorilla strolling around Burnaby mountain, Fair Trade SFU Ambassadors will be there to pump up the excitement at SFU for Fair Trade Campus week. Lets meet the team, shall we? 

Noelle Chan, SFU Fair Trade Ambassador

Meet Noelle Chan, a business undergrad whose interest in the environment has led her to do various volunteering work with promoting sustainability and the Zero Waste Initiative at SFU's Burnaby campus.  Noelle was initially introduced to fair trade after learning about the unethical practices of the fast fashion industry.  This led her to become interested in the fair trade practices on campus at SFU which also furthered her knowledge on the topic. As a student pursuing business, she is also very interested in animal rights, more specifically, the ethical and environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry.  She lives a plant based lifestyle, and hopes to help spread the fair trade message to students at SFU to create a lasting impact in the community. 

Nikki Mertens, SFU Fair Trade Ambassador

Next up, say hello to Nikki Mertens!  Nikki is in her fourth year of studies at Simon Fraser University, pursuing a joint major in business and environment.  Since 2014, SFU has been recognized as a Fairtrade campus through the hard work of passionate individuals. After learning about the fair trade movement, Nikki will be working towards bringing more awareness about fair trade on campus and in the community.  She has a strong desire to find new ways to make changes to the environment and to our society, and has started eating a plant-based diet as a major first step. During her free time you can find Nikki trying out new vegetarian recipes, doing some exercise, or studying Spanish. 

Sarah Jo, SFU Fair Trade Ambassador

Sarah Jo, hello!  Sarah is a third year student at Simon Fraser University, majoring in business and pursuing to concentrate in Accounting and Operations Management.  Outside of school, Sarah can be found devoting her hours towards her community, working at her local pool as a lifeguard, or taking advantage of Vancouver’s selection of foodie destinations.  Even though this is Sarah’s first year as a Fair Trade Ambassador, she is confident that she, along with the rest of the team, will be able to provide all students an opportunity to gain insight about fair trade.  If you ever see Sarah around, don’t be afraid to spark a conversation! 

Landon Reeves, SFU Fair Trade Ambassador

Landon Reeves is from a small city in interior B.C., and is completing his degree in Engineering Physics at Simon Fraser University, as well as a certificate in sustainable community development.  Landon is the president and co-founder of the current SFU chapter of Engineers Without Borders. His involvement has led him to seek more knowledge around fair trade issues.  He is deeply passionate about social and environmental causes. Through his work in residence as a community advisor, and a member of the eco committee, he shares his passion for learning and commitment to action with his residents. 

Megan McMahon, SFU Fair Trade Ambassador

Last, but not least, let's meet Megan McMahon! Megan is reaching the final stages in her degree at Simon Fraser University, studying Business and Communications.  She loves being creative with graphic design and is passionate about exploring, photography, and architecture all around the world.  As a Fair Trade Ambassador, Megan is excited to share stories of farmers and workers from around the world with SFU students, and to personally learn more about growing, life-changing operations of fair trade.    

Keep an eye out for our magnificent team during Fair Trade Campus Week, September 25th-29th at places near MacKenzie Cafeteria, SFU Bookstore, and Convo Mall.  We hope to see you here on campus for a very exciting week of Fair Trade activities, and cannot wait to embrace the fall and winter with our new Ambassadors. 


Follow the ambassadors on Instagram @SFUsustain for live updates and giveaways all week long for #FTCampus.