Sustainability Vision Research
Research into company best practices in setting sustainability visions. 2017

Social Purpose Assessment Tool for Credit Unions
A checklist and benchmarking tool for credit unions to assess their performance in becoming social purpose organizations.  2017

Industry Association Sustainability Benchmark and Checklist
A tool for industry associations to assess their sustainability programs enabling a gap and opportunity assessment.  2017

Sustainability Competencies and Talent Management
Global research into the five essential sustainability skills for business leader competency models, including systems thinking, external collaboration, social innovation, sustainability literacy and active values.  2015.

Qualities of a Transformational Company 
The essential qualities of a company seeking to transform itself and its operating context to advance toward a sustainable future for itself and society. 2015

Social Value Business Guide
Guide for business on how to improve its social footprint by embedding social sustainability into core functions such as HR and procurement. Includes chapters on social buying, community hiring, living wage and social innovation and collaboration.  2014


Catalyst Community Developments Society, Mark Roseland, Charter Board member.    Catalyst is a social enterprise being created to leverage real estate assets for social change.  It acts as a catalyst for creative and community-oriented development of real estate by using its expertise and equity to secure control and/or ownership of strategically significant real estate to provide time and support for the necessary planning, co-ordination and due diligence work.  Catalyst is aligned with CSD research into “strategic sustainability.” 

UniverCity model sustainable community.  Mark Roseland is a founding member of the SFU Community Trust’s Board of Directors, responsible for the award-winning UniverCity neighbourhood.