William K Carroll, PhD


William K Carroll’s research interests are in the political economy of corporate capitalism, social movements and social change, and critical social theory and method. A member of the Sociology Department at the University of Victoria since 1981, and founding Director of UVic’s interdisciplinary program in Social Justice Studies, Dr. Carroll’s books include Organizing the 1%: How Corporate Power Works (with J.P. Sapinski), Expose, Oppose, Propose: Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global JusticeA World to Win (with Kanchan Sarker), The Making of a Transnational Capitalist ClassCorporate Power in a Globalizing WorldCorporate Power and Canadian Capitalism, Remaking Media (with Bob Hackett), Critical Strategies for Social Research and Organizing Dissent. Since 2015, Carroll has co-directed “Mapping the power of the carbon-extractive corporate resource sector,” a SSHRC-funded interdisciplinary partnership of several universities and civil-society organizations which traces the modalities of corporate power and resistance within the global political economy, focusing on fossil capital based in western Canada.