Director’s message

Fall 2017

I’ve now been at SFU for six months, engaged in some 85 institutional meetings, 32 committee meetings, 66 one-on-one meetings with TLC staff, and have probably drunk more coffee than I ever should! One thing has become increasingly clear: the TLC team is an incredibly talented and committed team. That’s what I have heard and that’s what I have observed.

I’ve also seen that SFU faculty members and instructors are a creative and hard-working group with remarkable dedication to their teaching and students. SFU is a very dynamic environment with a strong and inclusive ethos that values both individuality and team work. I feel truly fortunate to be here.

The TLC provides a broad range of services: educational consulting, educational media training, learning technology support, and a targeted set of program offerings designed to meet your teaching needs (whatever they may be).

I would like to invite you to come by and meet with the TLC team or send us an invite and we will come to you!

Thanks for all of your support!

Dr. Brad Johnson (bio)
Director, Teaching and Learning Centre