November 16, 2018

Call for expressions of interest: The new Decolonizing and Indigenizing Grant Program

The Teaching and Learning Centre will support decolonization and indigenization of curriculum by faculty members through a new grant program.

In Spring 2019, the Teaching and Learning Centre will launch the Decolonizing and Indigenizing (DI) Grant Program for continuing faculty members.

Want to apply for a grant? Visit the Faculty Inquiry Grants (Decolonizing and Indigenizing Curricula) web page >>

The program will support the university-wide initiative of decolonizing and Indigenizing teaching and learning, while challenging the traditional structure of grant programming. Borrowing the SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council’s (ARC) principle “Nothing about us, without us,” the grants will be adjudicated by members of SFU’s Indigenous-led centres; Indigenous faculty, staff and students; and community elders, among other members of the SFU community.

Once they are launched, the TLC will support DI grant recipients in areas that include, but are not limited to, decolonizing teaching practices; integrating Indigenous ways of knowing into existing curriculum; and developing inclusive and integrative classroom techniques. DI grants will be valued at $6,000, and in-kind support will be arranged according to the specific needs of each project.  

In keeping with the mandates of inclusion, dialogue and collaboration, the TLC is currently soliciting expressions of interest to gain a sense of the scope and scale of potential projects and the resources required to support faculty in this new initiative. The expressions of interest will help shape the format and requirements of the formal call for projects, forthcoming in Spring 2019.

Submit your expression of interest by December 21, 2018

Have an idea for a grant project? Use the form below to submit it and we will ensure that you receive updates about the formal launch of the DI grant program.

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