Diversified teaching and learning at FCAT’s event: Leaning into Learning

May 21, 2013

Last week, the beautiful World Music Room at SFU Woodwards hosted FCAT’s event, Leaning into Learning: An FCAT exchange forum on dynamic teaching practices. The 40 participants, were able to engage and interact with their colleagues regarding teaching and learning in a very upbeat and visually-striking environment.

The forum began with welcoming remarks by facilitators of the event, Stuart Poyntz, FCAT Teaching Fellow, Kathryn Ricketts, TLC FCAT Educational Consultant, Jennifer McRae and Deanna Rogers, Experiential Learning Project Coordinators, followed by a message of “diversified teaching and learning” from VP, Academic, Jon Driver. Sure enough, the event not only encouraged diversity in teaching and learning, it also demonstrated it. The first five, fast-firing presentations were based around Pecha Kucha format and highlighted dynamic exemplars of innovative teaching practices. Next were the concurrent workshops wherein three faculty members presented a course/problem overview, then the participants asked clarifying questions and provided suggestions and strategies.

The day ended with mobile dialogues which allowed the participants to drive the discussion to any topic they are most interested in. Some of the topics discussed were engaging with the complexity of text, teachers as curators of information, value of reflective journaling in class, and classrooms as incubator of practice.

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