CPUTL graduates celebrate with certificates—and a selection of plants

December 17, 2013

The Certificate Program in University Teaching and Learning provides graduate students with an opportunity to reflect on what constitutes good teaching and acquire practical instructional skills. Participants gain expertise that can benefit them in their pursuit of an academic career, and many credit the program with boosting their confidence as instructors. The latest iteration of the program concluded on December 6, 2013, with a ceremony that mixed inspirational messages, novel parting gifts and an impressive cake. Program facilitators Shauna Jones (a lecturer in business communication in the Beedie School of Business) and Kathryn Ricketts (an educational consultant in the Teaching and Learning Centre)—they’re the ones seated in the centre of the photo above—organized a graduation celebration that included talks by participants and faculty members who served as mentors, followed by the distribution of certificates. Each graduate was also allowed to choose from among a selection of green and flowering plants, which served as a symbol of the creative and nurturing role played by instructors.

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