July 12, 2018

Photo gallery: A summer barbeque on the mountain

It’s summer at SFU, which means hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream at the annual President’s Employee Appreciation Barbeque. This year the festive gathering took place on July 11, and although strictly speaking it’s not a teaching and learning event, there were lots of instructors and a few students, so we figure it qualifies. Enjoy the photos!

With a beautiful blue sky and plenty of sun, the weather cooperated as President Andrew Petter (look for the bright red shirt!) welcomed staff and faculty to the President's 2018 Employee Appreciation Barbeque.

The lineups were long but fast, thanks to the hard work of the event volunteers.

A sure sign of summer.

Chris Groeneboer (left), manager of the Student Experience Initiative (SEI) in the Office of the Vice President, Academic, and Fiona Li, SEI communication assistant and undergraduate student, enjoyed some time outside the office.

Erica Lay, acting director of SFU Sustainability, volunteered at the burger station.

For those who thought the sunshine was too much of a good thing, there was plenty of shade.

Clearly, this was the place to be on July 11.

Live music added to the festive atmosphere.

It's all about building community.