January 06, 2017

The Scantron process is changing: What you need to know

Document Solutions is upgrading its system for scanning exam answer sheets and evaluation forms. Exam data will now be available in a form that can be imported into the Canvas Gradebook.

SFU Document Solutions uses a system called Scantron to scan and process those fill-in-the-bubble answer sheets that many instructors and departments use for exams and paper-based course/instructor/teaching assistant evaluations. Last fall Document Solutions began implementing changes that will offer greater flexibility and more reporting options to instructors and academic units. Here's what users need to know.

What hasn't changed

  • The submission processes for exam and evaluation forms remain unchanged.
  • Until further notice, the current Scantron forms can still be used.
  • The contents of evaluation reports remain unchanged.

What has changed

  • The format of reports has been modified, and printed reports can now be provided in PDF format upon request.
  • The reports distributed by Document Solutions will now include a CSV (comma-separated values) file that can be imported into the Canvas Gradebook.
  • Exam weighting can now handle fractional values.
  • Histograms and reliability analysis tables are no longer part of standard reports.

Other changes include availability of raw data files; ability to handle non-SFU email addresses; and ability to generate a file with student computing IDs attached to assignment scores.

What's ahead in 2017

  • A new system based on Remark Office OMR software will be implemented.
  • New forms will be introduced, and Document Solutions will work to develop the capability to handle custom-printed, personalized exam forms.
  • Document Solutions will offer training and orientation sessions for users.

Additional information

For more information about the upgrade process or training/orientation sessions, contact Hanif Kassam, business development manager for Document Solutions, at hanif_kassam@sfu.ca or 778.782.7394.