January 11, 2017

Video: Stephanie Chu reflects on her time as TLC director

Stephanie Chu served as director of the Teaching and Learning Centre from 2011 to July 2016. Shortly before departing, she shared her thoughts on the evolution of the Centre and SFU’s teaching and learning community in a video interview. Below are excerpts from the conversation. Watch the full video above.

The vision: “My vision was to re-establish the [Teaching and Learning] Centre as a place where faculty members and instructors at SFU would work with us in a positive manner. So not looking at it as a remedial centre, but a place that people who were passionate about teaching and learning would be working with us.”

Support from above: “[Former VP Academic] Jon [Driver] has been a wonderful mentor, a wonderful colleague, in that he really has put the interests of students and their experience at the forefront while trying to respect the experiences and the expertise of faculty members and the professional staff.”

It's all about collaborating: “We’ve definitely established more partnerships, definitely more connections with the rest of the university community, and I think through our partnerships and our collaboration with others we’re able to provide more to the instructors and programs here at the university.”

An ecosystemic approach: “It’s more kind of ecosystemic, that we’re part of an overall environment, and everybody has their role and important place within the university, but it’s important for us to work together because there is an interdependency.”

A changing culture: “I think we can see that we’ve had a positive impact over the years, in that the culture of teaching and learning has shifted [into] a more positive light. There’s more engagement by the university community and dialogue around teaching and learning, more visibility, more champions for teaching and learning, and opportunities for faculty members and educators to grow in their own work and practice as teachers.”