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Electronic devices in the classroom: What students told this instructor

Ivona Mladenovic

Senior lecturer Ivona Mladenovic (Biology) was aware of the ongoing debate about electronic devices in the classroom: “I kept seeing research … that claimed these devices were a source of distraction for students and that they should be outright banned.” She decided to explore the question by surveying 680 first-year SFU biology students about their use of laptops, tablets and smartphones in settings such as lecture halls and labs. Respondents did confess to being distracted occasionally, but 40 percent reported using laptops for note taking during lectures and 46 percent reported using their smartphones to take pictures of curriculum materials during labs. The results have encouraged Mladenovic to try new approaches in her classes: “I’m very happy about these findings because it gives me permission to explore how I can harness the power of laptops and smartphones and tablets.” Read more about her investigation.

A redesign made this course more engaging for students—and the instructor

Atiya Mahmood

In Fall 2014, Atiya Mahmood (associate professor, Gerontology) inherited Introduction to Gerontology, a first-year Breadth course that hadn’t been updated since its design in the 1990s. ”The student evaluations were pretty mediocre,” says Mahmood. “The format of the course needed a major revamp.” To facilitate the process, she chose to participate in Rethinking Teaching, a four-day, peer-led course (re)design workshop for faculty members presented each year by the Teaching and Learning Centre. With input from teaching colleagues, she developed a course concept map that helped her streamline the course content and eliminate some non-essential material. That exercise freed up room for a new experiential activity: the “persona project,” in which student teams developed a “fictional older adult character [with] unique physical, social and psychological traits” to serve as a frame for engaging with the curriculum. Students reported that the changes deepened their enjoyment and learning. Mahmood has also benefited: “Redesigning the course in this way has made the course actually fun for me to teach.” Read more about the redesign process she followed.

Resources to support the well-being of your students

SFU Health and Counselling has launched a new service to support student well-being. It’s called My SSP (Student Support Program) and it offers 24/7 counselling support in multiple languages, by phone or app, to all graduate and undergraduate students. More information is available on the My SSP page. Health and Counselling has also launched a Mental Health at SFU page showing multiple support options for students, and there’s an Info for Faculty and Staff page with information and resources for supporting the well-being of students and the campus community. Take a look—student well-being can have a major impact on academic success, and instructors and support staff can play an important role in fostering student well-being.

Tap dancing, bees and teaching—a few things you didn’t know about SFU’s new associate VP, learning and teaching

Elizabeth Elle

She’s an expert on bees and pollination ecology, she sings, acts and tap dances as a member of North Vancouver’s Burstin’ with Broadway show choir, and she has a passion for teaching. That last detail will be especially relevant in September when professor and former Biology chair Elizabeth Elle begins her five-year term as SFU’s first associate vice-president, learning and teaching. Elle disclosed her interests in a recent interview with the SFU News and also talked about the priorities she plans to address in her new role, including educational goals, more flexible course structures, and increased collaboration around teaching and learning initiatives. She’s eager to get started: “I’m very excited. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” Read the full interview.

Check these dates and mark your calendar

NEW FOR YOU: Check out the full schedule of Fall 2018 teaching and learning events on the TLC website. TEACHING IN COMMUNITY: Two teaching-focused series for faculty and instructors kick off in September—Teaching Matters (Introducing SFU’s First Associate VP, Learning and Teaching, Sep 17) and the Effective Teaching Series (Teaching Large Classes, Sep 28). FOR GRAD STUDENTS: The full program for TA/TM Day (Sep 7) is now available online. So are six videos by students who attended last year—watch them here. And if you are an experienced teaching assistant, submit your proposal to be a paid presenter at the Spring 2019 TA/TM Day (Jan 4) by October 5. WALK, RUN, SKiP: The Sketching in Practice (SKiP) Symposium (Oct 5) explores how drawing impacts the way we think—submit a presentation proposal by August 31.

This month in pictures

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