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Faculty Teaching Fellows

Faculty teaching fellows are appointed by Deans and play specific roles within their Faculties.

Faculty Name Title Contact Expiration of term
Applied Sciences Diana Cukierman Senior Lecturer
778.782.7110 | diana@cs.sfu.ca
August 31, 2021
Arts and Social Sciences Dai Heide
Senior Lecturer
778.782.4806 | dheide@sfu.ca August 31, 2019
Arts and Social Sciences Panayiotis Pappas
Associate Professor 778.782.5514 | papappas@sfu.ca August 31, 2019
Beedie School of Business Shauna Jones Senior Lecturer
778.782.5568 | shaunaj@sfu.ca
August 31, 2019
Beedie School of Business Kevin Stewart Senior Lecturer
778.782.5410 | kstewart@sfu.ca
August 31, 2019
Communication, Art and Technology Daniel Ahadi Lecturer
778.782.5322 | daniel_ahadi@sfu.ca
August 31, 2020
Education Kevin O’Neill Associate Professor
778.881.3476 | kevin_oneill@sfu.ca August 31, 2020
Environment Joanna Ashworth Director, Professional Programs & Partnerships
August 31, 2019
Health Sciences Paola Ardiles Lecturer
778.782.4578 pardiles@sfu.ca
August 31, 2019