Program Summary

Program Requirements

The Cohort Special Arrangement (CSAR) TRSS Professional Master's Program is open to individuals currently employed in the private or public sector fields of national security, risk management, intelligence, policing, and the armed forces.

Admission requirements for the TRSS Program can be found in the SFU Calendar here.

Students accepted to the TRSS Program will attend a three-day, in-person orientation and information session that takes place at SFU’s main campus in Burnaby, BC in the first semester of the Program.

Study Online

The TRSS Professional Master’s Program is a unique and flexible cohort-based professional program delivered completely online. Seminars, class discussions, and individual meetings are conducted via secure video conferencing.

SFU's learning management system provides a dynamic, user-friendly interface for students to access seminars, lessons, readings, assignments, examinations, grades, as well as instructor and peer feedback.

In consideration of the professional responsibilities of the students enrolled, TRSS allows students to take a manageable course load.

Course Offerings

Typically, a given program cohort begins in September. Courses are offered each semester of SFU’s tri-semester system, beginning every September, January, and May.

The TRSS Program requires the completion of twenty-four (24) credits of coursework and a six (6) credit project. Final projects are conducted after consultation with, and under the direction of, a faculty member.

The following courses will comprise the coursework and project requirement for the program:

CRIM 710 - Current Issues in Terrorism
CRIM 711 - Radicalization and Recruitment to Terrorism
CRIM 720 - Fundamentals of Security Risk Management
CRIM 721 - Psychological Assessment of Risk for Terrorism and Group-Based Violence
CRIM 730 - Terrorism and Civil Liberties: Canadian, Comparative and International Perspectives
CRIM 731 - Policy Making and Decision Analysis in Counter-Terrorism and Security Studies
CRIM 740 - Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods and Statistical Modeling
CRIM 742 - Cybersecurity
CRIM 798 - MA Project (Research Report)

TRSS students may have the opportunity to attend special topic symposia and lecture series events featuring a variety of topical guest speakers. In addition to SFU faculty, TRSS instructors also include current and retired members of the security or police services who bring with them a ‘real-world’ perspective.

Advisory Board

An important aspect of the TRSS Program is its Advisory Board, which is comprised of representatives from Canadian intelligence, police, and security services. The Advisory Board ensures that current issues are being addressed and that course content – and the program as a whole – remains relevant to the needs of industry professionals.

Annual Conference

TRSS plans to hold an annual conference featuring academic and professional guest speakers. The conference will be open to students and alumni of the program, and graduating students are given the opportunity to present their final projects.