Research & Study Areas

The faculty of the Cohort Special Arrangement (CSAR) TRSS Professional Master's Program offer courses, supervision of final projects, and expertise from the following Research and Study Areas:


  • Current Issues in Terrorism
  • Radicalization and Recruitment
  • Terrorism and Law
  • History and Theories of Terrorism
  • Terrorism in Context

Risk Assessment and Management

  • Fundamentals of Security Risk Management
  • Psychological Assessment of Risk for Terrorism
  • Strategic Decision Making and Risk Management
  • Corporate Risk Culture
  • Incorporating Applied Data Analytics into Risk Management Practices

Information Technologies & Data Analysis

  • Data Mining and Big Data Analysis
  • Cybersecurity & Cyberterrorism
  • Social Media and Online Analysis
  • Research Methods and Statistical Modeling
  • Social Network Analysis

Security-Related Policy

  • Terrorism and Civil Liberties
  • Policy Making and Decision Analysis
  • Human Intelligence and Tradecraft
  • Counterterrorism
  • Security, Immigration, and Refugees