Certification Procedures

  • There will be some differences in the procedure for certification of transfer courses as Writing Intensive (W), Quantitative Analytical (Q) or Breadth (B) courses. This is because W-designation depends mainly on pedagogy, while Q and B designation depends mainly on course content.
  • It is possible for courses to have unassigned credit, but still be designated W, Q, or B.
  • It is possible for courses to hold more than one designation.

Procedures for certification as W, Q or B:

  1. Courses that articulate to SFU for Type 1 credit will automatically be designated as Q or B if the SFU courses are now certified as Q or B:
    • No further articulation or documentation is required.
    • Because Q and B designations are assigned based on content and transfer/articulation evaluation is based on content, college courses that articulate to specific SFU courses with Q and/or B designation will be deemed to have that designation.
  2. All courses submitted for W certification, and courses seeking Q or B that have been articulated as unassigned (Type 2 or 3) credit:
    • Sending institutions should fill in the appropriate College WQB Certification Request form and submit it with a course outline or syllabus using the procedure normally used when requesting articulation. If any individual is unsure of what this process involves, he/she should contact the BCCAT Institutional Contact Person (ICP). Information on ICPs at each institution can be found on the BCCAT website. The Transfer Credit Contact Person at the sending institution should use the "comments" field on the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form to indicate that W, Q or B credit is being requested. The Transfer Credit Coordinator at SFU will receive and review the information, and then forward it to the Curriculum Implementation Office at SFU.
    • The certification support group (W, or Q-B) will then review the materials submitted and determine if a designation is appropriate.
    • The Curriculum Implementation Office will communicate the decision to the SFU Transfer Credit Coordinator, who will then inform the sending institution and BCCAT of the outcome, using the regular articulation process.
  3. Courses that have not yet been articulated:
    • Sending institutions should submit this information using the procedure they normally use when requesting articulation (see b. above). Course information will be sent first to SFU programs to determine whether SFU credit is appropriate. If credit is assigned, the documentation will then be sent to the Curriculum Implementation Office and it will be reviewed for a W, Q or B designation.

Please contact Jill Sutherland at ucildir@sfu.ca if you have any questions about these procedures.