Writing, Quantitative and Breadth Requirements

On May 10, 2004, Senate approved the final recommendations of the Undergraduate Curriculum Implementation Task Force. The following University-wide graduation requirements came into effect for students admitted to Simon Fraser University in September 2006 and thereafter:

  • 6 credits of Writing, including at least one course from the upper division, preferably within the student's discipline;
  • 6 credits of Quantitative;
  • 24 credits of Breadth, including:
    1. 18 credits of Designated Breadth (DB) (6 credits of Social Sciences, 6 credits of Humanities, and 6 credits of Sciences); and
    2. 6 credits of Undesignated Breadth (UB) (courses taken outside the student's major program).
      Note that DB requirements may be waived at the request of the program for the area in which the program resides. For instance, Biological Sciences may request that its students be exempted from completing the DB requirement in Science. In such cases, the student will be required to take additional UB credits to replace the DB credits that have been waived. In the example cited, the Biological Sciences major would need to replace the 6-credit Science Breadth requirement with an additional 6 credits of UB.

    A grade of C- or better is required to earn W, Q or B credit.