Continuing Students

Information for SFU Students Admitted PRIOR to September 2006 (1067)

Undergraduate students admitted to the University prior to September 2006 are not bound by the new WQB graduation requirements that affect students entering as of 1067. However, continuing students will notice changes to the Calendar and Timetable, and to their records and advising transcripts that show the new WQB designations for many SFU courses.

Continuing students will notice that many SFU courses that were undesignated in the past now have a W, Q and/or B attached to them. There are also many new courses with these designations. All students who meet normal course prerequisites may take these courses. The WQB designation will appear on transcripts, but will have no bearing on pre-1067 continuing students' graduation requirements.

Continuing students may find a notation on their advising transcripts that indicates they have 'credit' for FAL X99 and FAN X99, even though they haven't taken these courses. This is simply a notation within the system to allow continuing students to take courses designated W or Q because FAL X99 (Foundations of Academic Literacy) and FAN X99 (Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning) are now prerequisites for such courses.

Opting to take FAL X99, FAN X99, and the Q Placement Test

While students admitted prior to Fall 2006 are not required to meet the new minimum English language and mathematics proficiency requirements, such students who feel they need to improve their skills in these areas are welcome to register in FAL X99 and FAN X99, provided there is available space. Interested students should contact the FAL coordinator in Education and the FAN coordinator in Mathematics prior to registering. For information on these new Foundations courses, please click here.

Some courses such as MATH 100, MATH 190, and PSYC 210 have minimum grade requirements in high school math courses as prerequisites. Mathematics would like all students requesting permission to take MATH 100 and MATH 190 without prerequisites to first take the Quantitative Placement Test.

As for students admitted prior to Fall 2006 who are eligible to take such courses but unsure of their readiness, they can simply try the practice test. Some of these students may not have studied any mathematics in a long time and may wish to take FAN X99 prior to attempting any Q courses.