Quantitative Requirements

Applicants to SFU must demonstrate their competence in Quantitative/Analytic skills. The route they take to do this will depend on whether they apply for direct admission from Grade 12, for admission by post-secondary transfer, or for admission as an International student.

Students with grades below the minimum Quantitative requirements will not be admitted.


  1. Students need a minimum of 60% in Foundations of Math 11, Precalculus 11, or Principles of Math 11 (or the equivalent) for admission to the university. If a student has taken either Principles of Math 12 or Foundations of Math 12 (or the equivalent) with a grade higher than the minimum required for Math 11, then the higher-level course will be used for university admission. Note: The level of mathematics required for admission to specific degree programs varies by program. To find out which course and grade minimum are required for your intended program, please click here.
  2. Admitted students with high school math grades between 60% - 69% are not eligible to enroll in designated Quantitative (Q) courses. See the information on FAN X99 requirements below.
  3. Students applying with transfer courses from other post-secondary institutions will fall into one of two categories: (a) those with fewer than 24 credit hours of transferable work, or (b) those with 24 credit hours or more of transferable work. Students in the first category will be considered equivalent to "direct from high school" for admissions purposes and must meet the same minimum writing and quantitative standards as students entering from high school. Transferring students from the second category must meet the requirements for admission by college transfer, as outlined below.

Direct admission from Grade 12

(a) Students with a grade of 70% or higher in Foundations of Math 11, Precalculus 11, Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Math 12, PreCalculus 12, Principles of Math 12 (or or the equivalent) will be eligible to register in designated Quantitative (Q) courses at SFU. A student's selected program may have additional math course and grade level requirements for admission into the program.

(b) Students with a grade of 60% - 69% in Foundations of Math 11, Precalculus 11, Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Math 12, PreCalculus 12, Principles of Math 12 (or the eqivalent) can either register directly in Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning (FAN X99), OR complete the SFU Quantitative Placement Test (recommended to be taken within the first term at SFU). A score of 20 out of 30 or higher on the Quantitative Placement Test will exempt students from FAN X99 and allow registration in most entry-level Q courses (unless those courses have additional prerequisites). Students who score below 20 must register in FAN X99 before being eligible to register in Q courses.

Continuation requirements for students taking FAN X99 - Students taking the FAN X99 course must successfully complete it with a grade of C or better within 3 enrolled terms at SFU before being eligible to register in a Q course. Students who fail to obtain a grade of C or better in FAN X99 after a maximum of two attempts will be blocked from further course registration. Registration will again be permitted once they establish that they have acquired the necessary proficiency in quantitative skills as outlined here.


Admission by college or university transfer

Students transferring from other post-secondary institutions must either:

(a) obtain a grade of C- or better in a college course that is certified Q by SFU or articulates to a Q course at SFU, or

(b) fulfill the math requirements of students who are admitted directly from high school.


International applicants

International applicants may meet the Q admission requirement by fulfilling either the Grade 12 or college transfer entry standard.