Please bake or buy at your campus bake sale for United Way.  


Vancouver Campus

Tuesday, November 1st: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Harbour Centre Campus Foyer

Volunteers wishing to bake goods or to staff the bake sale table, please contact Aelita Maclver (

For drop off details on the day of the Bake Sale, please contact Aelita Maclver ( Please include a list of key ingredients (for those with allergies).

Indulge your sweet tooth... for a good cause!

We know we can count on the wonderful SFU community members to be a part of the 'giving' by baking cookies, muffins, squares, cakes, breads, tarts or any other family favourite and donating them to a worthy cause! It is simple as stirring up a batch of Rice Krispie Squares or checking the cupboards for homemade jams, salsas.


If you are looking for ideas to rally the bakers in your areas, try SFU International Services for Students past initiative by hosting an internal 'bake-off'or 'bake with your coworkers' as a great team-building and morale-boosting exercise!

What kind of items can I donate?

The sky is the limit! Any baked goods or homemade specialty items such as cookies, muffins, pies, tarts, fudge, squares, cakes, cheesecakes, loaves, breads, salsa and antipasto, jams and preserves, chutneys and pickles, flavoured vinegars or canned fruits and vegetables, and any other yummy items you wish to contribute. Animal lovers? If you would like to try something new, create and bake any dog/cat cookie, liver leather, biscuits.

We consistently have had buyers request gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, vegan and other special needs. It would be terrific if some bakers focused on baking/donating these items to add a variety of goods!

Should I package and label my goodies?

It would wonderful if you could (however not mandatory):

  1. cut or slice (if applicable)
  2. package (ie. wrap in saran, Ziploc baggies)
  3. label (name of goodie)
  4. provide an ingredients list to accompany the donation (especially if nuts are included)

If you prefer to bring a goodie whole (ie. pan of squares, whole cake, batch of cookies, loaf of homemade bread), we will take care of wrapping for you.

Do I have to price my items?

No, unless you want to, we will take care of that on the day of the sale.