Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Best of 2010

Trudeau scholar targets drug-induced crime
Criminology PhD student Michelle Lawrence, a lawyer who returned to academia to study how substance-induced psychotic disorders impact criminal responsibility, became SFU’s latest Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholar. She was one of 15 recipients of the prestigious scholarship, Canada’s most coveted social sciences and humanities doctoral prize, valued at $180,000.

Poli Sci launches Centre for Public Opinion
The political science department launched a new Centre for Public Opinion and Political Representation Oct. 12 to serve as an interdisciplinary unit for research and education on the impact of public opinion and political representation on governance in Canada and abroad.

Award honours restorative justice pioneer
Criminology professor Liz Elliott’s passion for, and dedication to, restorative justice earned her the 2010 Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award from the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). The award recognized her as a driving force behind Canada’s restorative justice movement.

Biz wiz
Economics undergraduate Jordan Gutierrez was named SFU's Student Entrepreneur of the Year for founding what is now the world’s largest online, Spanish-language medical bookstore, librerialeo.com, to serve rural doctors in his native Mexico.

Morgan Centre introduces classes in labour studies
The new Morgan Centre for Labour Studies, established to study labour, workers, trade unions and their history, launched its first credit classes in the fall semester. Students can now obtain a minor or certificate in Labour Studies. The centre is also working towards a full undergraduate degree program that will serve trade unions, their membership and the interests of working people in general.