GreenSFU: Best of 2010

SFU a One-2-Five energy star
SFU’s energy-management business practices came out on top in a comparison of 88 higher-education institutions across North America during BC Hydro’s One-2-Five energy diagnostic analysis. SFU was the only higher-education institution to earn four stars for its improvements in integrating its energy systems with its business systems and for comprehensively managing energy-related issues.

Burnaby awards sustainability ambassador program
SFU’s sustainability ambassador program won the City of Burnaby’s 2010 environment award in the business stewardship category. The award recognizes the program’s success at using volunteer staff and faculty ambassadors to promote sustainability and raise awareness of environmental issues in the university community, as well as its effectiveness in reducing SFU’s ecological footprint.

Hydro recognizes SFU for conservation leadership 
BC Hydro named SFU a Power Smart Leader—its highest level of customer recognition—for sustained leadership in energy efficiency and conservation. Since 2002, the university’s energy-conservation efforts have amassed 12 gigawatt hours in energy savings annually – enough to power 1,090 homes a year.

SFU signs Surrey clean-energy pact
SFU, the City of Surrey and Powertech Labs signed an agreement to collaborate on clean-energy projects that advance sustainability in Surrey. The trio will focus on developing energy-systems engineering programs at SFU, targeting clean-energy projects in Surrey, creating a clean-technology business incubator at Powertech and developing a clean-energy industry hub in Surrey.