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Christmas gifting from the closet: choose your giftees carefully

December 11, 2015

Are you one of those people who buy random clearance items, then store them in a closet until you need a handy gift at Christmas or a birthday? Or love to pick up unique finds during your travels, and then tuck them away for later?

While these are convenient and even thrifty practices, there may be hidden pitfalls to gifting from the closet, according to SFU Beedie business professor Judy Zaichkowsky.

She and colleague Thyra Uth Thomsen of the Copenhagen Business School have just published “Gifting from the closet: thoughtful or thoughtless” in the Journal of Consumer Marketing.

The study revealed that not everyone appreciates them, and can perceive such a gift as evidence of a lack of caring.

But since 77 per cent of respondents, skewed toward upper middle-class females, admitted to having a gift closet, Zaichowsky says retailers should consider including closet gifting in their marketing plans.


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