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SFU experts on the 2018 U.S. midterm elections

November 01, 2018

American voters take to the polls again on Nov. 6 to cast ballots that will determine which party controls the Senate, pick a new House of Representatives and elect governors in three dozen states.  

These SFU experts are available to provide commentary:

Anil Hira, political science, has done extensive work analyzing the underlying forces behind Trump’s rise to power. Hira's research examines populism from a global perspective, and the major economic and demographic forces behind it. He spent the first 10 years of his career in Washington and can speak to the midterm results, including the challenges Trump poses to both the Democrats and the Republicans going forward.


Steven Weldon, political science, can speak on various aspects of the election and campaign,  including the election results and their impact on governance. In addition, he can speak on long-term implications for the Democratic and Republican parties as well as the future of U.S. politics.

778.782.4995 (office)/ 778.918.2855 (cell),

Sun Ha Hong, communication, can speak on political disinformation, the role of online influencers/social media, and the pattern of cyberattacks on elections.


Justin Wong, University Communications, 778.782.3035,