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SFU experts available for World AIDS Day

November 29, 2018

Leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1, the following SFU experts are available to comment on a wide range of HIV/AIDS-related issues and stories:


Zabrina Brumme, Health Sciences, 778-782-8872,

Brumme is the director of Research Laboratories at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE). Brumme can speak to HIV at a molecular level, helping discover more personalized medicines, as well as mapping HIV genome data, on top of searching for vaccines and cures.


Robert Hogg, Health Sciences, 778.875.5583,

A professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and a senior scientist at the BC-CfE. Hogg can speak to health inequities among HIV-positive populations in Canada, specifically dealing with ageing and life expectancy.


Allison Carter, Health Sciences,

Carter can speak to how medicine is changing our understanding of HIV infectiousness and reconstructing meanings of sexuality; the social and emotional considerations affecting sex and intimacy for more than 16,000 women living with HIV in Canada; how many women living with HIV are single and how many are able to find HIV-negative partners and have satisfying relationships; and, women's perspectives on the importance of sex in their lives. Her latest work highlights marginalized stories about living and loving with HIV through feminist digital storytelling:


Edmond Kilpatrick, Education Masters graduate. For contact information, contact Ian Bryce.

Kilpatrick set out to reimagine his master of education thesis in a new and imaginative way, using movement, dance and storytelling to present a topic often associated with stigma and discrimination. Kilpatrick was inspired to present part of his thesis using his experiences in video form. This resulted in two videos telling the story of Shelly, a woman living with HIV, and her struggles with the stigma attached to her diagnosis in her everyday life.


Ian Bryce, Communications and Marketing, 236-880-2187,