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Canadians ready for bold action to fight climate change

August 12, 2019

Seth Klein, Urban Studies, 604-836-2272,
Braden McMillan, Communications and Marketing, 778.782.3210,

Simon Fraser University adjunct professor Seth Klein has commissioned an extensive national public opinion poll from Abacus Data to better understand Canadian perspectives on the issue of climate change. The results, released today, will be used by Klein as research for his upcoming book on mobilizing Canada for the climate change emergency. 

According to the data, Canadians support bold and ambitious climate action, including systemic solutions that go well beyond what has already been undertaken by the government. Of those surveyed, 58 per cent agree or strongly agree that the government needs to adopt a wartime-scale response to climate change, by making major investments to retool the economy and mobilise society to transition to renewable energy. Another 62 per cent believe climate change is now an emergency with 30 per cent of respondents also saying that, if the option existed, they would be likely to, or certain to, purchase a “green victory bond” as a means of helping the country transition away from fossil fuels.

The complete opinion poll results can be found here. You can also read Klein's analysis of the poll here

Seth Klein is available for media questions and interviews: 604-836-2272,