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SFU 2019 Election Experts Directory

August 21, 2019

Welcome to the SFU 2019 Election Experts Directory. This directory is here to support media in finding and connecting with SFU experts during the election period and will be updated as needed to include new experts on topics of interest that may come up in the coming weeks.

Last updated: October 7, 2019

Experts are currently available to speak to the following topics:

Business & Economy
Health & Aging


Maite Taboada, professor, linguistics, 778.782.5585;
Expertise: fake news and misinformation, sentiment analysis, online comments, big data

Ahmed Al-Rawi, assistant professor, communication, 778.782.3860; 
Expertise: social media, news and public communication

Peter Chow-White, professor, communication, 778.782.3383; 
Expertise: social media and its role in campaigns and voter awareness

Jody Baker, lecturer, communications, 778-782-3861; 
Expertise: political advertising strategy, political messaging, consumer culture

Sun-ha Hong, assistant professor, communications, 778.782.4468; 
Expertise: social and cultural impact of data technologies, state surveillance and counter-terrorism, political disinformation and deepfake videos 


Neil Boyd, professor, criminology, 778.782.3324; 
Expertise: Crime, Canadian narcotics legislation, homicide

Rob Gordon, professor, criminology,778.782.9739; 
Expertise: Crime, policing, gangs, drugs

Business and Economy

Steve Mongrain, professor and associate chair, economics, 778.782.3547; 
Expertise: Taxation, welfare programs, unemployment insurance (* speaks French)

Don DeVoretz, professor emeritus, economics, 778-782 4660; 
Expertise: immigration, citizenship ascension on voting rights, economic experiences of refugees

Peter Hall, associate professor, urban studies, 778.782.6691;
Expertise: local labour markets and employment, economic development, ports and trade-transport infrastructure

Robert Adamson, Lecturer, Beedie School of Business, 778.782.5891; 
Expertise: China-Canada relations, SNC Lavalin and ethics review, environmental issues including carbon pricing, regulation of financial institutions

Seth Klein, adjunct professor, urban studies, 604.836.2272; 
Expertise: climate change polling (see recent study), welfare policy, poverty, inequality and economic security


Hendrik Wolff, associate professor, economics, 778.782.4109; 
Expertise: transportation, climate change, energy, air quality, mobility as a service

Tom Gunton, director and professor, Resource and Environmental Management program, 250.477.7601; 
Expertise: environment, pipelines, energy issues, environmental assessments

Shahin Dashtgard, associate professor, earth sciences, 778.782.5492; 
Expertise: Natural gas, petroleum industries

Alex Boston, exec director of Renewable Cities, 604.928.2347; 
Expertise: renewable energy and conservation, climate and energy policy, climate action

Deborah Harford, Executive Director of Adaption to Climate Change Team (ACT), 604.671.2449;
Expertise: climate change policy, climate action and impact areas including water, food, health, biodiversity, energy, infrastructure, and population displacement

Maya Gislason, Assistant professor, health sciences, 778.782.9918;
Expertise: Public health impacts of climate change



Josh Gordon, assistant professor, School of Public Policy, 778.782.7868 
Expertise: Urban landscapes, housing market (focus on Vancouver and Toronto)

Andrey Pavlov, professor, Beedie School of Business, 604.763.3696; 
Expertise: B.C.’s economy, real estate market

Andy Yan, director, the City Program, 778.782.5081; 
Expertise: Housing market, urban planning

Health and Aging

Gloria Gutman, professor emeritus, gerontology, 604.767.2009;
Expertise: Senior’s issues, from housing to health care 

Andrew Sixsmith, professor, gerontology and scientific director, AGE-WELL, 778.782.5375;
Expertise: Quality of life for the aging population, technology solutions for healthy aging, aging policies and statistics

John O'Neil, professor, Global and Indigenous Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, 604.306.4987;
Expertise: Global Indigenous health, First Nations health, mHealth, medical anthropology, Aboriginal health systems, HIV/AIDS and participatory research


Cara Camcastle, sessional instructor, 778.887.5585; 
Expertise: Canadian politics, party ideologies and policies, election analysis

Eline de Rooij, associate professor, political science, 778.782.5858; 
Expertise: voter turnout and mobilization, political engagement of minority groups, and electoral system reform

Andrew Heard, professor, political science, 778.782.3043; 
Expertise: Canadian constitutional issues, senate reform, powers of the Governor General, caretaker convention, and minority government formation 

Sanjay Jeram, senior lecturer, political science, 604.445.6790;
Expertise: public opinion, ideologies, provincial political cultures, electoral strategy, immigration & diversity issues. 

Mark Pickup, associate professor, political science, 778.782.8640; 
Expertise: political identities and decision-making, conditions of democratic responsiveness and accountability; polls and electoral outcomes 

Stewart Prest, lecturer, political science, 604.219.9309; 
Expertise: Canadian politics, democratic institutions, international affairs

Patrick Smith, professor, political science, 604.291.1544; 
Expertise: Affirmative action, Canadian politics, comparative politics, constitutional reform, government and public administration 

Steven Weldon, associate professor, political science, 778.782.4995, 
Expertise: Campaigns, political parties, opinion polls, far right parties, politics of immigration and diversity

Anil (Andy) Hira, professor, political science,
Expertise: international relations, U.S. relations

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