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Experts converge on healthy sleep congress

September 17, 2019

Luc Beaudoin, adjunct professor, Education and Cognitive Science, 778.997.0612;

Vancouver will host the 2019 World Sleep Congress Sept 20-25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, bringing sleep professionals together from 75 countries to advance sleep health. Luc Beaudoin, a Simon Fraser University adjunct professor of education and cognitive science, is creator of the ‘cognitive shuffle’ for improving sleep, and can talk about trends and his ongoing sleep research.

During the conference Beaudoin will present a new cognitive treatment for insomnolence, or sleeplessness, called serial diverse kinesthetic imagining, a form of cognitive shuffle. He will also present developments of his theory of sleep onset and an ongoing review of the literature on pre-sleep cognition. Abstracts of his presentations will be published in Sleep Medicine.

“Sleep is essential to biological and mental health, as well as our productivity and safety,” says Beaudoin, noting that maintaining healthy sleep habits is challenging in today’s world, while many suffer the adverse side-effects from pharmaceutical sleep aids. Beaudoin says sleep researchers have stressed the need to develop better cognitive techniques, which need to be based on integrative, design-oriented research.