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Experts on mental health awareness for World Mental Health Day

October 08, 2019

Ian Bryce, University Communications and Marketing, 236-880-2187,

This week, mental health is top of mind with Canadian Mental Illness Awareness Week running from October 6 to 12 and World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Awareness Day occurring on October 10.


The following SFU experts can speak to a variety of mental health topics:

Paola Ardiles, Health Sciences, 778-782-4578,

Equity-centered approaches to tackle root cause of mental health problems.


Charlotte Waddell, Health Sciences, 778-782-7769,

Child and youth mental health and children’s mental health policy.


Faranak Farzan, Mechatronic Systems Engineering,

Artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality for mental health applications and youth depression and addiction. 


Sarah Canham, Gerontology, 801-581-8738,

Mental health, older adults and substance use.


Theodore Cosco, Gerontology,

Mental health, depression, anxiety, healthy aging and resilience in older adults.