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Study forecasts higher bird extinction rate

December 18, 2019

Arne Mooers, Biological Sciences, 604-358-2313,

A new study forecasts that bird extinction risk is increasing more than previously anticipated.

An international research team, including Simon Fraser University biology professor Arne Mooers, tracked extinction risk for 10,000 endangered bird species globally over 28 years and estimated an extinction risk six times higher than past estimates.

According to the study, previous extinction rate estimates often counted the numbers of species lost in historical times—neglecting the increased risk that affects a large proportion of species, and underestimating the extinction rate.   

The study found that global conservation efforts have reduced the extinction rate by 40 per cent—mostly by preventing critically endangered species from going extinct rather than through preventing low risk species from moving into higher risk categories.

Mooers is available to speak to a study forecasting an impending wave of bird extinction. He has previously researched how extinction risk is distributed among birds and sharks. Mooers can also talk about Canadian’s attitudes towards species, and the risk of extinction among Canada’s and B.C.’s species.

The study  can be found here: “The dynamics underlying avian extinction trajectories forecast a wave of extinctions”