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SFU experts available on forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic recovery

May 25, 2021

As we move towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, SFU experts can provide commentary on a wide range of related topics including identifying our ‘new normal’, adapting to lifestyle changes, designing new approaches to how we work, re-establishing businesses and the economy, and many more relevant topics. 

The following experts are available: 


JEREMY STONE, director of SFU’s Community Economic Development Program

  • Economic recovery after disasters 
  • Economic resilience planning 
  • Economic development for community well-being 

SARAH LUBIK, director of Entrepreneurship, Beedie School of Business

  • Building economic resilience through science, technology and entrepreneurship 
  • Local business resilience and innovation policy in the wake of COVID-19

TERRI GRIFFITH, Keith Beedie Chair in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

ALEX BOSTON, executive director, Renewable Cities

DAVID HANNAH, professor, Beedie School of Business

  • Modifying business practices and policies in a post-COVID world


ANDREY PAVLOV, professor, Beedie School of Business

  • Trends in the housing market & rising prices 
  • Impact of pandemic on finances

ANDY YAN, director, The City Program

  • Housing market and rental market trends 
  • Urban planning and COVID-19’s effects on cities 
  • Uneven and unequal economic effects of COVID-19


KELLEY LEE, professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

JULIANNE PIPER, research fellow and project coordinator, Pandemics & Borders project

  • Cross-border measures and travel/border policies 
  • Public health intelligence/global public health intelligence network (GPHIN) 
  • Lessons from COVID-19 for Canada and for global health governance

ANNE-MARIE NICOL, associate professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Travel restrictions and border closures 
  • The future of COVID-19 prevention measures particularly on indoor gatherings

VALORIE CROOKS, Canada Research Chair in Health Service Geographies


HABIB CHAUDHURY, professor, Department of Gerontology

  • Built environment and aging, seniors housing 
  • Long-term care, age-friendly communities, dementia-friendly communities


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