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SFU experts available on heat wave and climate change 

June 28, 2021

Over the weekend, B.C. shattered Canada’s highest temperature record, as the Village of Lytton reached an all-time high of 46.6 C/115 F. The heat wave, described by Environment Canada as “dangerous and historic,” indicates to the possible extreme changes in climate in Canada’s future.  
The following SFU experts are available to speak on various issues surrounding the current weather in B.C. and Canada. 


ADEEL ZAFAR, professor, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering  
778.688.2701 |  
Expertise: Economic impacts of flooding, 
how heat waves and forest fires can trigger floods and landslides, adaptations to climate change, nature-based solutions for long-term building of resilience  

SCOTT LEAR, professor, health sciences, Pfizer/Heart & Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research |
Expertise: Symptoms and science of heat exhaustion, as well as ways to prevent it while enjoying outdoor activities or engaging in any type of exercise 

ANDREANNE DOYON, assistant professor, School of Resource & Environmental Management  
403.707.7141 |
Expertise: Urban planning and heat waves, 
mitigating the urban heat island effect, climate justice and equity related impacts of climate change and our responses to these events

KEN LERTZMAN, professor emeritus, School of Resource & Environmental Management  
250.333.8600 |
Expertise: Climate impacts on forests, fires, and ecosystems 


MATT KIELTYKA,  SFU Communications & Marketing 
236.880.2187 |

Simon Fraser University
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