University Equity Advisory Committee

Chair:  Brenda Taylor, Director, Human Rights and Equity
Tel: 778.782.4446

APSA: Angela Runnals, Web Communications, Student Services
Tel: 778-782-4235

CUPE: Bob Mcadie, Science Stores
Tel: 778-782-4066

Poly Party: vacant

SFUFA: Dr. Andy Hira, Political Science/Latin American Studies
Tel: 778-782-3286

TSSU: vacant

First Nations: Dr. Eldon Yellowhorn, Archaeology/First Nations Studies
Tel: 778-782-6669

Visible Minority: Yusuf Varachia, Director (Acting), Office of the President

Woman in Non-Traditional Work: Sandra Bogen, Carpenter, Facilities Management

Interim Associate VP, Human Resources: Sandi de Domenico
Tel: 778-782-3602
Director, Academic Relations: Doug Thorpe-Dorward

At-large: Dr. Tim Rahilly, Associate Vice-President, Students
Tel: 778-782-4004

Terms of Reference


The mandate of the University Equity Advisory Committee is to act as an advisory body to the Director, Human Rights and Equity.


  • To provide advice on ways to raise the awareness of the campus community about equity issues
  • To advise the Director, Human Rights and Equity on the development of goals, plans and timetables for implementing employment equity at Simon Fraser University
  • To provide advice on the review and analysis of formal and informal employment practices, policies and procedures at Simon Fraser University
  • To recommend strategies to identify and eliminate practices which may have the effect of being discriminatory
  • To assist the Director, Human Rights and Equity in drafting and updating policies with regard to employment equity at the University
  • To bring forward concerns that committee members and their organizations or the designated group members they represent have regarding the continuing implementation of employment equity programs
  • To act as an advocacy group for equity issues at Simon Fraser University


  • one representative from APSA
  • one representative from CUPE 3338
  • one representative from Poly Party
  • one representative from SFUFA
  • one representative from TSSU
  • one representative for each of the designated equity groups (First Nations, people with disabilities, visible minorities, and women in non-traditional areas of work)
  • Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Academic Relations
  • Director, Human Rights and Equity

Identification of Members

Representatives of employee associations and unions shall be selected by their respective bodies. The representatives of the designated groups shall be selected by the Committee after a general invitation is made to the University community: the representative must be a member of the designated group and an employee of the University. The Executive Director, Human Resources, the Associate Vice-President, Academic, and the Director, Human Rights and Equity are members by virtue of their position and serve for the duration of their employment in the position.

Term of Office of Members

The normal term of office for members of the committee is three years; appointments should be made in a manner that allows for continuity within the committee. Members may serve more than one term of office.

Working Groups

Working groups will be established from the membership of the committee and will report back to the committee.

Professional Development

At least once per year, the committee members will be provided with training on topics specific to equity and human rights issues.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are called by the chair, with a minimum of three meetings per year.


The committee will be chaired by the Director, Human Rights and Equity.

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