Fall 2021 Drop-in Sessions

Students are encouraged to bring their program-related questions to a series of regular drop-in advising sessions that program director Anthony Perl and graduate chair Yushu Zhu will be hosting over the rest of this term. Dates and topics are below, and students may also drop in with whatever questions they have. The zoom meeting info has already been emailed to students, but if you need it, you can get it from the student slack or email urban@sfu.ca

  • Oct. 22: External electives (e.g. WDA) and financial aid (Yushu and Anthony)
  • Oct. 29: Program timeline and course planning (Yushu)
  • Nov. 3: Making satisfactory progress in MURB (Anthony)
  • Nov. 12: Open advising (Yushu)
  • Nov. 17: Obtaining and working with supervisors (Anthony)
  • Nov. 26: Open advising (Yushu)
  • Dec. 1: GDUS transfer to MURB (Anthony)
  • Dec. 10: Research ethics (Yushu)
  • Dec. 15: Open advising (Anthony)