Aphrodite Bouikidis

Email: abouikid@sfu.ca

Previous Education: BA International Relations, Carroll University, WI, USA, and MA International Relations, University of Chicago, IL, USA

Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Current Program: Master of Urban Studies

Research & Urban Interests: Aphrodite’s urban interests include urban resilience, social infrastructure, welcoming cities, and alternative models of urban economic development, She is also interested in how cities learn from each other and collaborate, from regionally to internationally. Her thesis research interests include local governance and social infrastructure in community and urban resilience. She is currently working with Sage on Earth Consulting on a project with Natural Resources Canada focusing on disaster risk reduction in the province.

Current/previous work: Aphrodite has 10 years of experience working on urban resilience, social innovation, diaspora engagement, and democratic governance. She worked with the City of Thessaloniki in Greece to develop and implement a city resilience strategy, and launched Ashoka Greece. Aphrodite has served as an expert practitioner in urban policy programs with city leaders and experts from multiple cities in the U.S. and Europe.  She also spent three years working on civic participation, women’s leadership, and civil society programs in the Middle East.

When not studying, she is exploring parks and outdoor places in the region or Vancouver neighborhoods and coffee shops, catching up with friends around the world, and either cooking or trying new foods.