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Thesis defence: Fiorella Pinillos

September 13, 2016

Master's candidate: Fiorella Pinillos

Thesis title: Community, Space and Perception of Insecurity: The Case of One Urban Community Garden Project in Lima, Peru

When: Tuesday, September  13, 2:00 p.m.

Where: Room 1500, SFU Vancouver (Harbour Centre)


Insecurity is perceived to be the number one problem in Lima, Peru. In this study I examine the case of one community garden project that has been claimed to have had a positive impact on security in the marginalized neighbourhood of VMT in Lima. I used an ethnographic approach and an analytical framework based on two established theories of crime prevention to identify possible elements of the garden project that may be impacting perceptions of insecurity among members of the community. The findings of this study do not support the claims regarding the positive impact of community gardens on security. I found that the elements of crime prevention which were present had a very limited effect on reducing fear of crime in the study area. However, my findings point out at areas for future study.