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Studentification and the impacts of education-led international immigrants

How can international students reshape a city's housing market? Student migration and settlement patterns are one of those hidden social processes shaping Vancouver's regional housing market. And they may be a tripwire for the city's proposed empty-unit tax policy. Join us for this thought-provoking talk, with local responses.

November 16, 7 p.m.

Room 1410, SFU Vancouver (Harbour Centre), 515 W. Hastings St.

Speakers: Qiyan Wu and respondents

In this talk, Dr. Quiyan Wu will discuss studentification as a new feature and process of gentrification. Dr. Wu’s previous work has examined Nanjing, one of China’s largest urban centres, and a process that he calls “jiaoyufication.” Dr Wu takes the example of Nanjing and, using theories of Bordieu and Smith, among other theorists, stretches his original studies to consider cities with large Chinese immigrant populations, such as Manchester and Metro Vancouver, and new processes of gentrification and displacement that are being instigated by various forms and configurations of studentification.

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This event is part of the SFU Urban Studies Program's fall 2016 lecture series: Who Gets to Be Part of the City?

All events are FREE, but reservations are required.

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Linked speakers are all lecturers or adjunct faculty in the Urban Studies Program.