Adjunct professor's studentification research covered by multiple media outlets

November 21, 2016

Adjunct professor Qiyan Wu gave a free lecture on the topic of "studentification" this month and was also interviewed by multiple media outlets about the research featured in that lecture.

An excerpt from The Vancouver Sun

An SFU urban studies professor says schools are worried about growing animosity toward international students after recent news that a number of Vancouver’s multi-million-dollar mansions were bought using foreign students’ names.

Wu said that he is urging international students to work on integrating into Canadian society to overcome this animosity, adding that the public should recognize the difference between opportunistic overseas investors driving up home prices and families of students who want to best accommodate their children....

“If the local economy is strong, I think that there is no doubt the community would accept these students and their efforts with open arms.” Wu said, noting the friction comes from Lower Mainland residents feeling priced out of their own communities. “What we see with the level of angst from Vancouverites toward these students, I think, is driven by economics.”

Other stories appeared in Metro and Ming Pao.