Program manager Terri Evans wins president's sustainability award

March 09, 2017

SFU community members Tessa Ramburn, Nicholas Dulvy and Terri Evans have been recognized for their outstanding leadership in advancing the cause of sustainability within and beyond the university.

They join a growing number of sustainability champions at SFU who go above and beyond to improve awareness and understanding of sustainability, and who take action to promote ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Terri Evans (Staff Winner)

Terri Evans is the manager of academic and administrative services in the Urban Studies Program at SFU, a role she has held since the program’s inception in 2002. She exemplifies the qualities of leadership in sustainability through her outstanding work in local food systems, sustainable economic development, published research and course development. She is a significant contributor to the City Program’s new online professional development certificate in sustainable urban transportation, which extends SFU’s reach on these vital sustainability issues.

She is a truly engaged community member. She co-founded the Coquitlam Farmers’ Market in 1997, long before the local food movement and public recognition of the importance of food security. Evans’ contribution goes beyond environmental sustainability to include social sustainability—she promotes healthy food and economic sustainability by providing a venue for smaller, local producers and vendors to excel.  

Ramburn, Dulvy and Evans were recognized at the annual President’s Awards Dinner at the Diamond Alumni Centre on March 8th. To learn more about the awards please visit