Video available for lecture, "Why Does the Past Matter?" by Dr. Rebecca Madgin

October 31, 2017

On October 25, the SFU Urban Studies Program presented the second of its fall speaker series events. Dr. Rebecca Madgin, senior lecturer in urban development and management in urban studies, University of Glasgow, gave a free public lecture titled "Why Does the Past Matter? Emotional Attachments to the Historic Urban Environment."

The lecture was co-presented with the SFU Department of History, and also sponsored by the Real Estate Foundation of BC and the University of the Fraser Valley.

You can now view the video of this talk.

Rebecca Madgin
Dr. Rebecca Madgin is senior lecturer in urban development and management in urban studies, University of Glasgow. Her work focuses on the values of urban heritage during the process of urban redevelopment and place-making initiatives in the late 20th and 21st centuries. She has recently been awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council Leaders Fellowship to explore emotional attachments to the historic urban environment. Her work brings together theories from cultural geography and environmental psychology with empirical evidence drawn from in-depth urban case studies. She retains an international focus on her work having examined examples from Europe and Asia and has recently co-edited a book with Nicolas Kenny entitled Cities Beyond Borders, which examines comparative and transnational approaches to the study of urban history. A distinctive feature of her work is the ways in which the urban past influences contemporary urban policies and practices and as such has worked with a range of local and national organisations drawn from across the built environment sector and is an associate member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and a member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation’s professional journal, Context.