Welcome to Magali Talandier, visiting scholar

January 20, 2020

The SFU Urban Studies Program is pleased to welcome Magali Talandier as a visiting scholar for 2020.

She is professor of Urban and Regional Studies at the Institute of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Grenoble-Alps, in France. She is also director of the "Cities and Territories" research team at the PACTE research center. Her team includes 70 members: 25 permanent members (lecturers and professors in planning, urban and regional studies), 35 doctoral students and 10 associate researchers.

An economist by training, Magali Talandier completed her doctorate in urban planning at the Urban School of Paris, and her "habilitation" to become a professor at the University of Grenoble.

She has developed a new conceptual framework that she calls “Economic Base Theory Revisited” and a new methodology to measure income flows in urban and rural areas and thus to determine the drivers of economic development at different scales. Her work shows that one of the most important economic development drivers in French territories is based on the “residential economy” – the internal rather than the export economy – although this has been largely underestimated in both the academic literature and in local strategies.

She will be working on the application of this approach to Vancouver, as well as her other study of regional ecological transitions, during her stay with us. Please feel free to contact Magali at Magali_talandier@sfu.ca or by dropping by her office, HC 7397.

For more informations and references on Magali’s research, please see: