Campus Renewal

The SFU Vancouver Campus Facilities Renewal 2017-2022 initiative aims to bring a rational, integrated and comprehensive planning process to the upkeep and improvement of the University’s physical assets downtown. The objectives of the plan are:

  • Optimize student learning and community engagement;
  • Ensure Vancouver campus infrastructure, classrooms, instructional technology, gathering places, library, common areas and washrooms reflect the University’s high standards and strategic vision;
  • Provide an explicit and robust set of criteria to inform funding priorities;
  • Avoid extensive delays in upgrades that would cost much more in the future;
  • Align with and be incorporated into the University’s overall capital plan.

SFU Vancouver will enhance the teaching and learning experiences by upgrading classrooms, lecture theatres, lounge spaces and study areas. This includes ergonomic, flexible seating, enhanced technology, sustainable lighting, additional electrical outlets, fresh paint and new flooring. These upgrades have been informed by student and faculty consultations and satisfaction surveys.

View the SFU Vancouver campus renewal here:

Harbour Centre

UM Level

Entrance - Before

Entrance - After


First Floor

Lobby - Before

Lobby - After

Belzberg Library Mezzanine Study Area, HC 1050

Labatt Hall, HC 1700  - Before

Labatt Hall, HC 1700 - After

Lounge outside of HC 1700 - Before

Lounge outside of HC 1700 - After

HC 1540 - Before

First People's Gathering Place, HC 1540 - After

HC 1500 Classrooms - Before

HC 1500 Classrooms - After

Outside of HC 1800 - Before

SFU Vancouver Mural, outside of HC 1800 - After

IT Labs - HC 1340 & 1350

HC 1300 Washrooms


Second Floor

Gerontology Offices, HC 2800

Meeting Rooms - HC 2200 & 2250

Second Floor Washrooms

Second Floor Classrooms

Policy Room, HC 2270


Third Floor

Boardroom, HC 3100

HC 3200 Washrooms  

Library Study Room, HC 3253 - Before

Library Study Room, HC 3253 - After

Third Floor Lounges


Seventh Floor

Interfaith and Meditation Room, HC 7314

Graduate Research Commons, HC 7050

Segal Graduate School of Business

Entrance - Before

Entrance - After


Policy Room, SB 4800 - Before

Policy Room, SB 4800 - After

Vault Lounges

Vault Bike Room

Study Lounges

Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre Patio

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue


Salon Rooms with new AV - CFD 380 & 430

Asia Pacific Hall, CFD 100