SFU's Vancouver campus is home to many local, national and international research centres.   

Communication and Dialogue

SFU David Lam Centre

An interdisciplinary centre whose focus is on international, intercultural and interlingual communication, with a Pacific Rim emphasis.

General: dlam-info@sfu.ca

SFU's Centre for Dialogue

SFU's Centre for Dialogue uses dialogue to generate non-partisan and constructive communication around difficult topics. We partner with government, business and community groups to explore critical issues that impact the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of our communities.

General: dial@sfu.ca


The Feminist Research, Education, Development and Action Centre (FREDA)

A joint collaboration between feminist academics at SFU and the University of British Columbia, and community and women's organizations working at the grass-roots level.

General: freda@sfu.ca


The Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health & Addiction (CARMHA)

A centre within the Faculty of Health Sciences, CARMHA conducts research that can be applied to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of mental health and addiction services in B.C.

Contact: info@carmha.ca

The Gerontology Research Centre (GRC)

Serves as a focal point for research and knowledge transfer on topics related to aging and the aged.

General: gero@sfu.ca

The Children's Health Policy Centre

Links the best research evidence with government partners in health policy-making to improve programs and services for at-risk children.

General: chpc@sfu.ca


The Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing (CISP)

An education, research and information centre which focuses on all aspects of the publishing enterprise.

Publishing workshops: pubworks@sfu.ca

Publishing Minor: ccsp-info@sfu.ca

Science & Technology 

The Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST)

CPROST has as its primary focus research into the relationship between public policy, the management of technology and innovation.

Associate Director:
J. Adam Holbrook