Harbour Centre


Belzberg Library

  • Great quiet study space
  • People watch in the seating by the window for a study break
  • Study carrels and tables upstairs
  • Room overlooking Richards St. at the back
  • Click here for a floorplan

In a group

Yosef Wosk Student Learning Commons (SLC)

  • Located within the Belzberg Library (Rm. 1002)
  • Large, collaborative space
  • First come, first serve tables and lounge area
  • Fireplace

Group Study Rooms

  • Private space for group work
  • 1 located in the Belzberg library, 5 on the third and seventh floor
  • Book for up to two hours at a time
  • Book early to ensure you get a spot during busy times

Seating Areas/Lounges

  • Seating and study spots scattered throughout the building - they can be tricky to find!
  • Here's a list of the secret and not-so-secret places. View the floor plans of each level to help you locate these sweet spots.

Concourse (Main Level):

  • On the main floor, you will find seats behind the escalators and in front of the big window (you’ll know what we mean)
  • Can be a bit loud if you're looking for a quiet spot
  • Across from rooms 1600 and 1700 there is a seating area with tables
  • If you continue down the hallway there is also a quiet study lounge to your left (next to room 1530): complete with chairs, tables, and independent study carrels.

Upper Concourse (Second Floor):

  • The second floor has two study lounges: one just before the computer lab in 2960, and one in front of room 2400
  • There are also a few seats and tables next to the escalators, as well as the tiny corner next to room 2910

Third Floor:

  • Just outside of group study rooms 3255 and 3257 you will find a small student area with a large round table

Lower Concourse:

  • The SFU Bookstore now has added study space for both individual and group study sessions. You can book the study space here.
  • There are seats and tables at the bottom of both the up and down escalators, near the Health and Counselling office

Using a Computer

Belzberg Library

There are some computers available for student use on the main floor of the library. If that’s not your thing, borrow a laptop from the front desk and take it wherever you please (as long as you bring it back, of course).

Computer Labs

  • Main Level: Rooms 1310 and 1330
  • Second Floor: Room 2960
  • Seventh Floor: Room 7050

For hours click here.

The Third Floor Student Lounge (Harbour Centre)

If you’re tired of eating take-out every time you come to campus, you’ll be happy to know about the best kept secret of Harbour Centre: The third floor Student Lounge (room 3410).

  • Small kitchen, with microwaves, sinks, kettles, fridge space, and an eclectic collection of mugs
  • Plenty of seating, with tables in the middle and counters with stool seating along most of the wall space
  • Largest ratio of electrical outlets to seats. Just make sure to ask Information and Registration (in the main lobby) for the room’s access code.

After Hours

Blenz & Waves

These two competing coffee shops are located on the corner of Hastings & Richards. They’re both open 24 hours and have wifi (and coffee), so you have no excuses to avoid that all-nighter. Just remember to get home safe if you’re staying late.