Colin Macrae


Colin is Co-Founder of Fluency Leadership, a Vancouver-based company that provides leadership and team development, coaching, and consulting to leaders and organizations. He’s an action-driven, people-focused marketing and communications leader and coach/facilitator who has worked across a full spectrum of industries. His experience has been shaped over his 25-year career in the marketing and communications field and brought to a full global scale and learning through almost 15 years in leadership roles at Electronic Arts. As an ICF Associate Certified Coach and Certified Leadership Coach, Colin works with leaders and marketers who embrace an outcome-oriented, positive, and human-centric approach to personal development and growth. Colin is also a Certified Designing Your Life Coach. He is a 10+ year Mentor in the Leaders of Tomorrow program and also a past Board Member of DigiBC.

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Areas of specialization:

  • Marketing and brand planning
  • Leadership and team development
  • Creating high performance teams