Shannon Bard


Shannon Bard is a dynamic leader with over 25 years of experience in commercializing innovations, sustainability, environmental health, biomedical research, toxicology, ecological impact and risk assessment. She has extensive experience in leading regional, national and international multidisciplinary technical teams to tackle complex interdisciplinary environmental problems.

Shannon is currently global Director of Innovation for Hemmera and Ausenco. She oversees a Board-directed innovation incubator to invest in applying new technologies, including AI, automation, data analytics, clean tech, VR/AR & digital solutions, to reduce the environmental footprint of industry activities.

She is the founding Director of Coastal Scene Investigation that supports stakeholder engagement in resolving complex interdisciplinary environmental health issues, marine ecotoxicology research and conservation programs.

Formerly, Shannon was a professor of Environmental Science at Dalhousie University, Director of the Marine Ecotoxicology Laboratory and co-winner of the Senate Environmental Award.

Areas of specialization:

  • Innovation and commercialization of research
  • Environmental health, sustainability, climate change
  • Science and tech communications