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2019 Nora and Ted Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy
Oct 29, 201913 views
Bailout Legacies: The Imprint of the Greek Economic Crisis on the European Union
Apr 8, 20196 views
Nathan Edelson: The Future of Inner City Planning
Mar 13, 20198 views
Mobility Pricing – Is It Time? Lessons from London and Stockholm
May 17, 201812 views
Nick Ruest: Your Interdisciplinary Web Archive Collaboration
Feb 16, 201814 views
Developing Minds: Critical Thinking in Curriculum Transfer - Peter Ellerton
Feb 9, 2018104 views
Ali Mirsepassi: The Imaginary Invention of a Nation: Iran in the 1930s and 1980s
Feb 8, 201868 views
President's Faculty Lecture: Dr. Yuezhi Zhao
Jan 31, 201897 views
Vincent Lariviere: Journal Collection Development in the Digital Era
Apr 10, 201715 views
President's Dream Colloquium on Understanding Medical Marijuana: Cannabis and Pain Management
Mar 2, 2017274 views
Melina Laboucan-Massimo: Grassroots Mobilizations Against Climate Change
Nov 23, 201678 views
The Annual Warren Gill Lecture - The Vancouver Region: Moving Towards World Class But Not There Yet
Nov 4, 201618 views
Building a Strong BC Climate Leadership Plan: Your Chance to Contribute
Mar 8, 201640 views
President's Faculty Lecture: Dr. Elicia Maine
Feb 23, 2016315 views
Russia: Images and Lessons in Planning
Feb 18, 201629 views
Migration or Escape: Journeys to Sanctuary
Feb 11, 201621 views
How To Learn an Indigenous Language
Feb 4, 2016194 views
Carbon Capture and Conversion: Opportunities, Challenges, and Potential
Jan 27, 201626 views
President's Faculty Lecture: What Does Inequality Really Mean in Canada?
Oct 6, 201514 views
Karamat Ali: The Status of Labour Rights in Pakistan
Sep 18, 201541 views
SFU Climate & Energy Research Day Plenary Talk "Integrating Research from Natural to Social Science"
Apr 14, 201513 views
President's Faculty Lecture Series: Dr. Arne Mooers
Mar 26, 201521 views
Heritage and Knowledge: Decolonizing the Research Process
Mar 25, 201523 views
Elizabeth Elle - President's Faculty Lecture - Are We Having A Pollination Crisis?
Nov 6, 201337 views
Mark & Cora Lijek - SFU Library & SFU Public Square Present: Argo Adventure or Canadian Caper?
May 16, 201327 views
Donna Galbreath & Brenda Cook - Indigenous Health Speaker Series - FHS
Mar 5, 201325 views
Mara Andrews & Piri Robinson - Indigenous Health Speaker Series: Maori Health in New Zealand
Feb 19, 201324 views
Leslie Varley - PHSA Aboriginal Program Cultural Competancy Training - FHS
Feb 3, 201354 views
Margo Greenwood - Indigenous Health Speaker Series - FHS
Jan 29, 201317 views
Grand Chief Doug Kelly - Indigenous Health Speaker Series - FHS
Jan 22, 201349 views
Dr. Malcolm King - Indigenous Health and Well Being - Health Sciences
Jan 15, 201372 views