Triple A Transit: Affordable, Available and Accessible

People who are homeless and destitute frequently have no way to use transit due to the cost. The Transit Working Group (TWG) is working to increase the financial and social accessibility of the Metro Vancouver public transit service for people who are homeless. Many major cities in Canada and Washington State have homeless transit programs or policies and we are working on developing one for Metro Vancouver.

An accessible and affordable public transit system plays an important role in the region’s social sustainability. For people who are homeless social sustainability is about maintaining social networks and personal support systems as well as accessing essential medical services, housing and employment. In this way, homeless access is not only about transportation policy but is also integral to health policies which acknowledge the social determinants of health.

Guest speakers from Calgary and Seattle will present on the range of programs in place in their cities that increase public transit access for people living in extreme poverty, including shelter residents. Speakers will share their stories of successful advocacy.

This event is a part of the Homelessness Action Week.


Date : 2015-10-0826 views
Department : SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement
Category : Presentations
Keyword : Homelessness, Greenwell, Transit, Konecny, Pacaud, O’Shannacery