It's Time For Zero Waste at SFU

At SFU, we recognize our power as a community to reduce our waste footprint in a big way. Many thanks to: Ben Hodge, the SFU Men's and Women's basketball teams, Chelsea Hunter, the performers from the Goldcorp Centre School for the Arts, and a special thank you to all our student volunteers For Sustainability Office: Landon Hoyt, Community Engagement Coordinator Rachel Telling, Zero Waste Coordinator Michelle Murvai, Communications Coordinator For Creative Services: Performer: Dan Moxon, from Bend Sinister Producer: Kevin Teichroeb Director: Alex Konyves Lyrics: Alex Konyves Music: Dan Moxon Motion Graphics: Hans Goksoyr, Joel Schwarz, Eric Sanderson Edit: Alex Konyves Camera: Thomas Buchan, Hans Goksoyr Lighting/Grip: David Brigden

Date : 2013-12-2350 views
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