Juan Anzieta

Ph.D. Candidate
"Application of Data analysis and machine learning techniques to improve baseline volcano and mountain hazards monitoring"

Areas of interest

Volcanology & Hazard monitoring


  • B.Sc., Escuela Politécnica Nacional, 2013
  • M.Sc., San Francisco de Quito, 2017


Juan is using machine learning and data analytic approaches for assessment of multi-temporal, -spatial and -modal data in a Canadian Natural Hazards Data portal. The goal of his project will be to create tools for the analysis of multiple geophysical data ranging from atmospheric, seismic, infrasonic and such, to conventional and satellite images. These tools will be based on the application of statistical and machine learning methods to construct systems that help in the monitoring of various phenomena such as potential volcanism, avalanches, earthquakes, wildfires and so on. The research project will aid on the creation of a Canadian Natural Hazards Data portal for the public to access and explore.

Recent Publications

  1. Anzieta, J.C.Williams-Jones, G., Ortiz, H.D., Ruiz, M. (2024) Investigating 10 years of acoustic volcanic activity at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador aided by Machine Learning. Seismological Research Letters, Submitted.
  2. Anzieta, J.C., Pacheco, D., Williams-Jones, G., Ruiz, M. (2023) Cleaning volcano-seismic event catalogues: A machine learning application for robust systems and potential crises in volcano observatoriesBulletin of Volcanology, 85, 59, doi: 10.1007/s00445-023-01674-9
  3. Vasconez, F.J., Anzieta, J.C., Vásconez Müller, A., Bernard, B., Ramón, P. (2022) A Near Real-Time and Free Tool for the Preliminary Mapping of Active Lava Flows during Volcanic Crises: The Case of Hotspot Subaerial EruptionsRemote Sensing14, 3483,
  4. Anzieta, J.C., Williams-Jones, G., Bernard, B., Ortiz, H., Vallejo-Vargas, S., Ruiz, M. (2021) Reviewing volcano hazard and risk communications in Ecuador: Experiences from a fast-format workshop. Volcanica, 4, 309–324, doi: 10.30909/vol.04.02.309324
  5. Le Moigne, Y., Zurek, J.M., Williams-Jones, G., Lev, E., Calahorrano-Di Patre, A., Anzieta, J.C. (2020) Standing waves in high speed lava channels: A tool for constraining lava flow dynamics and eruptive parameters. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 401, 106944, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2020.106944
  6. Anzieta, J.C., Ortiz, H.D., Arias, G.L., Ruiz, M.C. (2019) Finding possible precursors for the 2015 Cotopaxi volcano eruption using unsupervised Machine Learning techniques. International Journal of Geophysics, 2019, doi: 10.1155/2019/6526898